A little bit about me.

My name is Stephanie Warner and I'm the mind behind Stenner Design. I'm a Senior Graphic Designer who loves to live and breath the essence of what makes my career so much fun to be a part of.

I've worked in various categories including mobile devices, architecture, beauty and now I'm currently saturated in the sports performance/ CPG industry. From agency to corporate I've been able to mold myself to take on whatever creative obstacle comes to me.

My work ranges from web and apparel design to large and more detailed projects such as trade show graphics, vehicle wraps and product packaging.

On my off time, I like to freelance for random clients to keep my mind fresh. But let's get real, I have a ton of other hobbies other than graphic design, which I believe help me to keep my creativity. I'm an avid sports enthusiast being an athlete almost my whole life (GO BEARS AND BLACKHAWKS!). I've played piano since i was seven and long to be near the ocean someday. Until then, Lake Michigan does just fine.

I'm willing to take on pretty much any venture that comes to me so please feel free to contact me with any design or media needs that you may want to inquire about.

And as always, thanks for checking out my work!



Where my work has been.



Mens Fitness

Men's Health


Muscle and Fitness


Vitamin Shoppe


TRAIN Magazine

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